The Ultimate iPhone Case Buyers Guide

By Jacqueline Kim on

If you're like most people, your iPhone is glued to your palm from morning till night. It's your go-to device that's one tap away from ordering dinner or a ride, taking selfies (#lookingfabulous) and even diagnosing an illness on Web MD. In other words, we use it for almost everything, which makes it the most essential tool for modern life. Just like the dual functionality of the purse or wallet, the iPhone case is the most important accessory you can own. Always by your side, this everyday ‘tech-cessory’ takes center stage in your overall look.

As designers of cell phone cases, we understand the importance of style and function. And with the latest design innovations and fashion forward trends, you can have the best of both worlds. A cell phone case is more than a protective cover for your device—it’s a unique expression of your personal style. Discover the best cell phone case for your personality and lifestyle and get ready to take on each day with confidence.

Top Things To Consider Before Buying an iPhone Case

Protection, Protection, Protection

Military Grade iPhone ProtectionIt’s unlikely that you’ll be taking your iPhone deep water diving or on a hiking expedition to Mount Everest. But you’d be surprised at how easy it is to drop your phone and damage the screen, especially when you’re juggling other tasks. In fact, according to one study, smartphone consumers report a cracked screen as their biggest complaint. But with the latest design advances in cell phone cases, you can rest assured that your device is protected from those inevitable drops.

When you're shopping for a cell phone case, look for Military Grade Protection—a feature on almost every iPhone cover by Caseology, including our sleek and minimalist Skyfall iPhone case. Adhering to the strictest compliance of the most recent military standards, our smart phone cases go through rigorous drop testing, including 26 drop-tests from several different angles onto concrete backed by steel.

Also look for a bumper with a raised lip, which provides additional shock protection against drops. Originally designed for additional drop protection, the bumper is another design element which can be incorporated into the aesthetic of the phone, like our popular Envoy series which features a two-toned design with a matching beveled bumper that protects your screen and camera from high impact damage. It offers the ultimate shock protection but with the added fun of colors, including navy blue, burgundy, coral pink, and mint green.

Our Titan series offers the same heavy-duty protection as armor cases but with a slimmer profile, giving you a sleek, modern, rugged aesthetic look that fits seamlessly in a pocket or purse. Designed for durability and a slim, lightweight profile, the one piece case snaps easily onto your phone and fits like a glove, giving you high grade protection without any added bulk.

iPhone Accessories

bluetooth wireless headphonesAlong with the cell phone case, a tempered glass screen protector is another vital accessory because it protects the screen from scratches which doesn't fall under the scope of military-grade standards. While the case guards your device, the added protective screen layer protects your display from scratches and high impact drops, as well as providing smudge, water, and oil resistance with its hydrophobic and oleophobic coating. Also look for screen protectors that feature HD clarity, which maintains an accurate display with deep details and vivid colors while still protecting the iPhone screen.

Another must-have tool for the busy professional is the wireless Bluetooth speaker, which frees you from cords with a strong wireless connection. Look for sports earphones with a secure fit and high-tech noise cancellation technology for clear, detailed audio. Designed for durability, these sweat proof earphones can survive the gym, running, biking, and many other rugged activities, giving you the freedom to stay active while always being connected. The strong battery life can also get you through a long day with 4 hours of playtime, 5 hours of talk time, and 130 hours of standby time.

iPhone Case Materials

The type of material used in the iPhone case is also another option to consider. In our collection of iPhone cases, many of our covers are made with TPU which is a type of flexible plastic that hugs the phone and provides a slim build with its ultra durable scratch resistant material. For instance, our Parallax line offers the ultimate in protection with its double layer of top grade TPU material and grippy polycarbonate frame.

Phone cases made from durable plastics like TPU serve as ultimate two-in-one element that not only protects your phone but also allows for a sleek, form fitting case that's so lightweight, you'll hardly notice it’s there. A textured sleeve also gives you a stronger grip to help you avoid drops while also giving you the option of adding style and personality, like a fun geometric pattern or modern linear design like the Vault II—a streamlined TPU case with just a hint of the rugged.

Precise Cutouts for the Perfect Fitting Case

Precise iPhone case cutouts

When it comes to getting the most out of your cell phone case, precision is everything, which is why our collection of phone cases feature precise cutouts for important ports like headphone jacks and the charger. Enjoy the benefits of both protection and touch sensitivity with responsive buttons covers made with high-grade TPU material for that original click-feel.

iPhone Cases to Fit Your Personal Style

At Caseology, we realize the importance of not only daily functionality, but also style which never has to be compromised when you choose the right iPhone case. From simple and rugged to luxe and ultra chic, discover the best phone case designed to fit your personal style and everyday needs.

Luxe Cases

If you're looking for an iPhone case that offers durable protection with an ultra stylish design, you'll love our collection of fashion cases, which includes the classy and elegant Envoy series—a popular case that evokes timeless elegance with its faux leather accents and sleek, glossy bumper frame. Another chic phone case is the sophisticated Savoy line, a bold statement piece that incorporates the trendiest looks from the runway, including a choice of metallic and chrome accents on the outer frame. This style is ideal for fashion-minded professionals that want to show off a beautiful accessory with a touch of sparkle and glam.

Modern Cases

Sleek and understated, our collection of modern style cases is perfect for the sporty minimalist. Designed to fit the exact shape of your iPhone with a sturdy yet slim dual-layer design, the Wavelength series highlights the clean lines and perfect symmetry of your device. The three-dimensional pattern on the outer sleeve gives it a comfortable grip while the polycarbonate bumper adds another layer of drop protection. With a subtle mix of decorative design elements, this versatile phone case is a wardrobe staple that gives a polished, finished touch to any outfit.

Another simple yet stylish design is the Parallax series, a cousin of the Wavelength that features a unique 3D geometric pattern on the outer sleeve. A marvel of modern design, the finely etched texture gives it a soft, slip-free grip while also adding a trendy flair that easily takes you from day to evening with its modern, futuristic details.

Armor Cases

For a basic no-frills phone case that still complements your personal style, the Titan offers heavy duty protection with its dual layer design of sleek polycarbonate shell and shock absorbent TPU sleeve. It’s the ultimate in shock absorption but with minimal bulk. Like all of our iPhone cases, the Titan features a raised lip that protects the front screen and camera while accentuating the frame of your device. Sleek and rugged, this armor case is also featured in more feminine colors like rose gold.

The slimmest case in our armor collection, the Vault is a simple beauty with a streamlined design and technical aesthetics. Featuring a smooth matte cover and carbon fiber accents, this tech-minded case effortlessly goes from out in the field to out out on the town with a minimalist design that goes with everything.

Clear iPhone Cases

If you’re a visual minimalist, you’ll love the Skyfall series—our best-selling case that takes clear cases to the next level. What sets this case apart is the perfectly color-matched frame and ultra clear cover for two layers of protection. This trendy yet protective iPhone case is available in rose gold, red, matte black, and jet black.  With the Waterfall series, enjoy the benefits of a slim, lightweight build that fits your phone precisely without compromising protection. Made with a durable acrylic material, this popular clear case gives you a secure hold and a customizable cover that stays crystal clear over time. Highlight your phone’s best features in all clear, transparent rose gold, grey or jet black.

Compare Caseology’s iPhone Cases by Series:

Skyfall iPhone Cases

Caseology Skyfall iPhone Case Features

iPhone Compatibility:

Features: Clear back, transparent lip protection with a grippy bumper and colored frame.

Colors: Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Jet Black, Matte Black, and Red

Benefits: Show off & protect phone at same time

Materials: scratch-resistant acrylic, polycarbonate frame

Coastline iPhone Cases

iPhone Compatibility:

Features: Clear back with translucent bumper and colored frame

Colors: Pink and Frosted Grey

Benefits: Color contrast border for a pop of color

Materials: PC panel, transparent anti-scratch acrylic

Waterfall iPhone Cases

Waterfall iPhone Case Features

Phone Compatibility:

Features: ultra-slim, lightweight, transparent one-piece case with transparent bumpers

Colors: clear, grey, rose gold, and jet black

Benefits: Slim and Minimalist

Materials: Acrylic

Savoy iPhone Cases

Savot iPhone Case Features

iPhone Compatibility:

Features: Stylish metallic accents and a matte cover with a grippy texture

Colors: Navy Blue, Black, Mint Green, Red

Benefits: An elegant statement piece for showing off your phone.

Materials: Polycarbonate with a microfiber lining

Wavelength iPhone Cases

Wavelength iPhone Case Features

Phone Compatibility:

Features: Geometric pattern and colored bumper.

Color: Burgundy with Gold, Black with Navy, Navy blue with Gold, Coral Pink with Gold, Turquoise with Silver, Matte Black

Benefits: Contemporary style, modern design and a grippy texture.

Materials: TPU/Polycarbonate

Vault iPhone Cases

Vault iPhone Case Features

Phone Compatibility:

Features:Slim and masculine one-piece case in matte black with carbon fiber accents

Colors: Black

Benefits: Streamlined, technical appearance

Materials: TPU

Vault II iPhone Cases

Vault II iPhone Case Features

Phone Compatibility:

Features + Color: Flexible rubber one-piece case with a 3D textured line pattern.

Colors: Black

Benefits: Sleek profile with armor case protection

Materials: TPU

Legion iPhone Cases

Legion iPhone Case Features

Phone Compatibility:

Features: Raised lip for screen protection and a high-friction coating.

Color: Rose Gold, Black

Benefits: Heavy duty protection with a slim profile

Materials: TPU/Polycarbonate

Titan iPhone Cases

Titan iPhone Case Features

Phone Compatibility:

Features: Slim dual-layer case with sleek matte finish.

Colors: Available in black, deep blue, rose gold, and glossy jet black.

Benefits: Heavy duty protection with minimal bulk so you barely know it’s there

Materials: TPU and polycarbonate

Parallax iPhone Cases

Parallax iPhone Case Features

Phone Compatibility:

Features: Futuristic 3D geometric pattern with a protective PC frame.

Colors: Black with Navy, Navy with Gold, Coral Pink with Gold, Mint Green with Silver, Matte Black

Benefits: Futuristic style and sleek build to protect your phone in style

Materials: TPU

Envoy iPhone Cases

Envoy iPhone Case Features

Phone Compatibility:

Features: Faux leather accents and shock resistant bumper with gold trim finish.

Colors: Carbon Fiber Black, Leather Beige, Leather Cherry Oak, Leather Green, Leather Navy Blue, Matte Black

Benefits: A protective case that looks professional and elegant.

Materials: Premium faux leather, TPU, polycarbonate

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors:

Benefits of a tempered glass screen protector

Compatible with:

Get the most out of your cell phone experience with a smartphone case that incorporates premium materials like TPU and polycarbonate into a chic and sophisticated protective case with dual functionality. The collection of award winning cell phone cases by Caseology features ultra stylish designs ranging from minimalist and rugged to classic and contemporary. Give your wardrobe an instant look of polished professionalism with a best-selling cell phone cover—the perfect power accessory for the modern world.


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