How to Extend the Battery Life of the iPhone X

By Aiden Lee on

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Although the iPhone X battery will last you throughout the day, it doesn’t have the highest rated battery life compared to today’s top smartphones. But listen up Apple fans—we’ve rounded up the best methods for preserving battery life so that your phone always has enough juice for the moments that really count.


3 Ways to Improve iPhone X Battery Life


1. Dark Mode

The Dark Mode function is specifically designed to enhance the display of your iPhone X at night. When it comes to preserving battery life, it takes the Low Power Mode of the iOS 11 to the next level of streamlined efficiency. To activate this feature, simply launch the ‘Settings’ app on your device and tap on ‘General.’ Next, choose ‘Accessibility,’ tap on ‘Display Accommodations,’ and then toggle on ‘Invert Colors.’



2. Wallpaper

Another easy way to save battery life is by enabling the True Black Wallpaper option, which makes the iPhone home screen convert to black and white. The OLED screen only lights up the pixels it uses, which is why black colors utilize significantly less power than normal mode. To use this function, open ‘Settings’ on your device and tap on ‘General.’ Then choose ‘Accessibility,’ tap ‘Display Accommodations,’ and finally, toggle on ‘Invert Colors.’ Use this function and save up to 58% battery life.


3. Grayscale

The dazzling Super Retina OLED display is one of the most talked about features of the iPhone X. It’s also a big-time energy drain. To save a significant amount of battery life, switch the screen to ‘Grayscale,’ which not only allows your eyes to rest but also gives your screen a bright and crisp display that’s ideal for nighttime viewing. To enable this feature, launch the ‘Settings’ app and navigate to ‘General.’ Choose ‘Accessibility’ and tap ‘Display Accommodations.’ Choose ‘Color Filters’ and tap the ‘Grayscale’ option to activate this handy function.


If you know you’ll be far from a charging outlet for an extended period of time, these tips and tricks are especially useful when you need to conserve power. While these functions limit the groundbreaking new features of the iPhone X, it’s a smart trade off for preserving battery life when you need it most.


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