Caseology’s iPhone 8 Case Line-up

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After months of rumors, speculation, and hype, the wait is now over. The iPhone 8 has finally arrived to shake up the tech world, so get ready to take your smartphone experience to the executive level with its groundbreaking new features, including a curved edge-to-edge OLED display and the highest screen-to-body ratio of any cell phone available. Now that you’re armed with Apple’s next generation smartphone, it’s likely that it will be glued to your hand most of the day, making the occasional drop an inevitable part of life’s daily challenges.



And if you’re like most people, your life is stored on your cell phone, which makes the iPhone 8 case a must-have accessory for protecting your most important all-in-one device. An essential tool for surviving the modern world, the phone case is now just as essential as the purse or wallet. Reflecting Caseology’s evolving style, the new case collection for the iPhone 8 (and iPhone 8 Plus) not only enhances and protects the new features of Apple’s flagship device but also serves as a unique expression of personal style and a key element for adding a polished look to your wardrobe.Protect Your iPhone 8 from a Skyfall


Protect Your iPhone 8 from a Skyfall

Caseology is excited to bring their bestselling Skyfall iPhone 8 cases to the new line-up. Show off your new phone with a crystal clear cover that offers a solid layer of protection made from scratch-resistant hard acrylic and shock absorbing PC. The slim and lightweight build easily fits into a pocket or purse and the precision-matched colored bumper gives you seamless protection with a touch of minimalist influences and invisible, clean lines that accentuate the new features of the iPhone 8.

iphone 8 case_skyfall

Keep Your iPhone 8 in a Vault Case

The slimmest case in Caseology’s collection is the Vault iPhone 8 case, an understated blend of modern design elements, including a brushed metal sleeve of durable TPU and textured accents of carbon fiber for a hint of the rugged. Its ultra slender frame offers a technical, streamlined aesthetic and a shock-absorbing, single layer shell protects your phone from the occasional drop.  

 iphone 8 case_vault

Military Grade iPhone 8 Armor Cases, Roger That.

For ultra durable armor protection, Caseology’s all-new heavy-duty cases deliver military-grade protection that’s designed to bounce back from everyday roughness while also providing a comfortable grip that isn’t too bulky. For the full body protection of traditional armor-style cases, the Nero Slim Series offers just the right amount of protection with its rugged hard case made from top grade TPU/PC and a slender build that hugs the corners of your phone like a glove. A simple beauty, the Nero Slim offers superior shock absorption and a straightforward, practical aesthetic. For a more fleshed out armor case, the Nero Tough Series provides front-to-back protection with a high-grade blend of PC/TPU and a slightly weighted grip that fits comfortably and securely in your hand. Nero Slim and Nero Tough series will be available for purchase soon. 


Bringing the traditional style armor case to the line-up is the Legion iPhone 8 Case, a tough and rugged phone case that offers complete coverage with a double layer of rubbery TPU and a rigid PC shell.  The sophisticated military-inspired design eliminates excess bulk while the slightly weighted frame provides a substantial grip that isn’t too heavy. It’s a winning combination of minimalist influences and durable protection.

 iphone 8 case_legion


A marvel of contemporary design, Caseology’s all-new Apex iPhone 8 Cases are a harmonious balance of form and function, combining an understated geometric pattern that offers a secure grip and a minimal style with just a hint of decoration. Another geometric-patterned phone case is the Parallax Series, an award-winning design that stands out with a subtle yet visually striking honeycomb pattern that seamlessly incorporates high tech shock absorption with a surprisingly slim and lightweight build.

 iphone 8 case_ apex

The Coastline is Clear for these iPhone 8 Cases

The updated collection includes the Coastline Series, a fresh take on the popular clear case with a slim, lightweight frame and scratch-resistant transparent cover that shows off the clean lines and sleek build of the iPhone 8. The perfect case for the visual minimalist, the Coastline phone case looks and feels nearly invisible while offering a tri-layer of protection with premium grade TPU/PC. The contrasting color border also adds a glossy sheen, making this sleek, understated phone case a wardrobe staple that easily complements any outfit, from casual to dressy.

iphone 8 case_ coastline

iPhone 8 Case with a Spectra of Possibilities

A fresh and fashion-forward spin on the latest accessory trends, the all-new Spectra Series is the perfect phone case for style-conscious professionals with a taste for the luxe. With four finishes to choose from, including marble, wood, leather, and graphics, show off a beautiful accessory with a combination of elegance and sophistication. The Spectra Series for iPhone 8 is a versatile option that allows for creative expression while also providing high tech protection with dual-layer shock absorption technology. Make a bold statement while protecting your phone from daily wear and tear. The Spectra Series will be launching soon. 


Whether your style is sporty and rugged, sleek and minimal, or chic and sophisticated, Caseology’s collection of beautifully designed cases brings together the most advanced protection technology with an innovative mash-up of classic and contemporary elements.


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