iPhone 8 Plus Cases Collection

Play rough, take risks, and make a statement.

Why Caseology's iPhone 8 Plus Cases?

Caseology’s iPhone 8 Plus cases take style and function to the next level. Introducing the all-new collection of cases for Apple’s latest iPhone 8 Plus, which feature a mix of our most popular cases and a new line-up of modern, sleek covers designed with military-grade protection and stylish accents inspired by the latest trends.

Seamlessly incorporating advanced drop protection with a slim, lightweight build, our modern and stylish cases are designed to accentuate the stunning glass body of the iPhone 8 Plus edge-to-edge display while providing durable protection of its groundbreaking new features, including raised camera and screen bezel protection, accessible ports with precise cutouts, and responsive button covers. Shop our collection today and join us in spreading goodness and innovation.

iPhone 8 Plus Cases Apex

The modern and understated Apex cases for iPhone 8 Plus feature a balanced combination of minimalist design elements and Caseology’s advanced protection technology. The dual-layer frame provides the ultimate shock absorption with an ultra durable blend of TPC/PC incorporated into a surprisingly slim & lightweight frame. The geometric pattern gives the case a bold aesthetic that’s intricate but doesn’t overwhelm its sleek and contemporary design. Give your new phone a touch of the great outdoors with nature-inspired finishes, including Pine Green, Ocean Gray, and Aqua Green. Or go for a classic look with Black or Burgundy.

iPhone 8 Plus Cases Apex - Pine Green, Ocean Gray, Aqua Green, Black and Burgundy

iPhone 8 Plus Cases Spectra

For those with a taste for the luxe, Caseology’s Spectra cases for iPhone 8 Plus feature an elegant variety of finishes, including wood, marble, graphics, and leather. Give your new phone a bold fashion statement with our all-new design that fuses classic and contemporary accents into a unique look. Enjoy the comfortable grip of a slim frame, plus a dual-layer of high-grade TPU & PC material. Take your cell phone style to the highest level of sophistication with classic leather or modern wood finishes available in Black and Pine Green. The striking Splash varnish is balanced with basic Black and the Marble is offered in understated Ocean Gray.

iPhone 8 Plus Cases Spectra - Black, Pine Green, Splash Black, Marble Ocean Gray

iPhone 8 Plus Cases Nero Tough

The ultimate in heavy-duty armor protection, Caseology’s Nero Tough cases for iPhone 8 Plus are designed to take a beating so your new iPhone 8 Plus doesn’t have to. Its basic military-inspired build also complements any outfit, from casual to dressy, making it a must-have accessory for your day-to-day wardrobe. Protect your new investment with the toughest case in our collection, which offers full body protection with a tri-layer of high grade TPC & PC and a 9H tempered glass screen protector. The Nero Tough is available in Black, a classic color that accentuates its rugged style.

iPhone 8 Plus Cases Nero Tough - Black

iPhone 8 Plus Cases Nero Slim

For the basic and straightforward aesthetic of the traditional armor case, Caseology’s Nero Slim Cases for iPhone 8 Plus is a leaner version of the Nero Tough, offering a slim, military-inspired frame that eliminates bulk and heavy-duty protection that stands up to daily wear and tear. The hard PC body and high quality 9H tempered glass screen protector provides your iPhone with complete coverage, giving it a balanced amount of durability and minimalist design influences. Complement the Silver and Space Gray shades of the iPhone 8 Plus with a Nero Slim in Charcoal Gray.

iPhone 8 Plus Cases Nero Slim - Charcoal Gray

iPhone 8 Plus Cases Coastline

Show off the clean lines and sleek build of the iPhone 8 Plus with clear cases from the Coastline Series. Caseology’s Coastline cases are a fresh take on the popular clear case with a stylish, nearly invisible design. Its translucent sleeve of premium grade TPU/PC is designed to accentuate the sleek and sophisticated colors of the iPhone 8 Plus, including Silver, Space Gray, and all-new Gold. Its tri-layer of durable protection easily bounces back from the occasional drop and the contrasting color border adds a hint of glossy sheen that protects it from discoloration. The Coastline is available in several cool classics, including White Gray, Deep Blue, and Frost Gray.

iPhone 8 Plus Cases Coastline - White Gray, Deep Blue, and Frost Gray

iPhone 8 Plus Cases Legion

A streamlined version of the traditional armor-type case, the Legion cases for iPhone 8 Plus offers heavy-duty protection designed to take on life’s daily challenges, including the inevitable drops. Featuring a straightforward technical aesthetic, this durable dual layer case seamlessly incorporates the shock-absorbing power of both the hard and rubber case made from top grade TPU and PC material. Contrast its rugged frame with bold colors like all-new Aqua Green or choose Charcoal Gray, an understated classic.

iPhone 8 Plus Cases Legion - Charcoal Gray, Aqua Green

iPhone 8 Plus Cases Vault

With a metal brushed finish and a durable shell made of top grade TPU, the Vault Series for the iPhone 8 Plus offers an ultra slim build and a technical aesthetic with just a hint of the rugged. Its three-dimensional textured cover provides a confident, secure grip and the sleek frame offers an advanced shock-absorbing interior and corner cushion protection without the bulk. Give your new phone a touch of natural greenery with a Pine Green finish or highlight its military-inspired build in iconic Black.

iPhone 8 Plus Cases Vault - Pine Green and Black

iPhone 8 Plus Cases Parallax

A contemporary beauty, the sleek and sporty Parallax cases for iPhone 8 Plus features a minimalist design that easily goes from day to evening as an everyday wardrobe staple. The geometric-patterned sleeve offers a comfortable, secure grip and an understated yet striking aesthetic that gives your new phone a unique look. Protect and enhance the iPhone 8 Plus and its vibrant 5.5-inch OLED display with an improved frame featuring strategically placed grooves for steady grip that’s essential for taking photos, streaming videos, and playing games. Give your phone a splash of color with shades inspired by nature – All-new Ocean Gray and Pine Green. Or keep your phone case style simple and elegant in Black or Burgundy.

iPhone 8 Plus Cases Parallax - Ocean Gray, Pine Green, Black, and Burgundy

iPhone 8 Plus Cases Skyfall

Our bestselling Skyfall Series cases bring a minimalist luxury feel to the iPhone 8 Plus, accentuating its modern and sleek design with a hard and ultra protective transparent cover. Elevating the typical clear case to the next level of sophistication and functionality, we’ve combined the hard, scratch-resistance acrylic cover with a precision-matched color bumper frame that offers seamless protection that looks and feels invisible. Highlight the clean lines of your new iPhone 8 Plus in Warm Gray or Black.

iPhone 8 Plus Cases Skyfall - Warm Gray and Black