Glad to see you’re interested in Caseology Rewards!

We created Caseology Rewards in hopes to give something back to our customers who chose us for their protective needs. It means a lot that you trust us with your device, and we want to offer you exclusive perks and benefits for being a loyal member of the Caseology family.

Simply create an account with us, and you’re all set to start earning points for every purchase and unlocking member-only perks and coupons. Customers who already have an account are automatically signed up for our Rewards Program. Join now and receive 20% off your order!

Here’s what you get each time you shop with us:

  • Member: $1 spent = 10 points earned
  • Plus Member: $1 spent = 12 points earned

Redeem your rewards points for vouchers:

  • 500 points = $5 Caseology credit
  • 1000 points = $10 Caseology credit
  • 2000 points = $20 Caseology credit

What’s in it for you?

  • Start with a boost
    Receive 200 points just for signing up! Who doesn’t like freebees?
  • Earn points for every purchase
    All your purchases, every birthday, and various social media actions count towards points! The more points you earn, the easier it gets to earn points when you become a Plus Member.
  • Get rewarded for referrals
    Good news is meant to be shared, am I right? Share your unique referral link (accessible through your rewards launcher) with your family or friends to gift friends $5 off of their purchase. Once they complete their order, you’ll get 500 points, too!
  • Plus Member exclusive offers and events
    We’ve got so much in store for our most loyal Caseology members -- Just earn 1000 points to become a Plus Member! Plus Members get to take advantage of our biannual Caseology Rewards Day and have exclusive access to seasonal coupons and offers so you can have fresh new gear for the upcoming season.
  • Free Returns for Plus Members
    Returning something can become a chore, so we streamlined the process to eliminate the stress and cost for Plus Members. Free returns means less guilt when you add those 2 or 10 extra cases “just to try out.” What’s the harm?

Get a head start!
You’re more than halfway towards your first reward with these actions. Easy peasy.
Join 200 pts + Like our Facebook 50 pts + Follow our Instagram 50 pts + Follow us on Twitter 50 pts = 350 points

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