The Immense Cost of the iPhone 8 Screen

By Aiden Lee on

In the modern tech era, it's hard to imagine how we survived without the cell phone in our lives, especially since it has evolved into an all-in-one device that’s by our side from morning till night. This makes the occasional drop an inevitable fact of life, which is why we need cell phones that can stand up to daily wear and tear. This year, Apple has answered the call for a sturdier phone with the iPhone 8, which now features the most durable screen of any smartphone available. But this upgrade creates more challenges since the ultra heavy-duty screen is made from high-grade materials, making it expensive and costly to replace or repair.  


iPhone 8 Designed For Durability 

Apple designed the iPhone 8 with a glass body to allow for wireless charging, one of its groundbreaking new features. Made with True Tone display technology and a smudge-resistant oleophobic coating, the iPhone 8 screens are designed for durability while still maintaining a sleek and modern frame. The back panel is made of a double layer of reinforcement, including a metal sheet beneath the glass back, which offers another level of protection with a color-matched, aerospace-grade aluminum band in glossy, understated finishes, including space gray, silver, and gold.

Experts are still waiting to see how well the new screens hold up, but they predict that replacements will be difficult and expensive, especially because of the large amount of glue holding the two layers together. The iPhone 8 is tougher than ever, but that also makes repairs and replacements more difficult and costly. 

What If Your iPhone 8 Screen Breaks?

If your screen gets broken, the AppleCare+ for iPhone extends your coverage for two years from the date of your original purchase. It covers up to two incidents of accidental damage, including damages to the screen, which is subject to a service fee of $29. For any other damages, the service charge is $99 plus applicable tax. Another benefit of additional coverage is two years of expert technical support with 24/7 priority access.

Another option for repairing the glass panel is third-party repair, but we advise against this because it automatically voids the warranty, which comes with one year of hardware repair coverage and up to 90 days of complimentary support. Keep in mind that with out-of-warranty pricing, the repair or replacement could cost hundreds of dollars. 

The best way to protect your new investment is with a screen protector and an iPhone 8 case, the milk and cookies of smartphone protection. The combination provides front to back coverage that easily bounces back from the occasional mishap and challenges of day-to-day use.


iPhone 8 Screen Protection 

For the latest advancements in high tech smartphone protection, look for a screen protector with 9H tempered glass, which helps maintain your phone’s fresh-out-of-the-box clarity. Keep your most important daily accessory in top working condition with high-grade, shatter-resistant materials, which guard your phone from scratches and drops. High quality tempered glass also enhances the Retina HD display of the iPhone 8 with its 99.9% transparency, a key feature that gives you a bright and vibrant viewing experience.


These advanced materials are designed to boost the iPhone 8 and its innovative light-sensing technology, which provides an expansive color spectrum that offers a crisper and more natural look. Top grade screen protectors are also designed with precision cutouts, which allow for easy access to buttons and ports while also providing accurate touchscreen responsiveness.

The iPhone 8 screen and backing might be expensive to repair or replace but its ultra sturdy build also means that you don’t need the heavy duty protection of the typical armor case, which is overly bulky and too thick for the wireless charging to function. Instead, choose a slim but durable iPhone 8 case that hugs the corners of your phone like a glove but doesn’t take away from the clean, smooth lines of the original build of the device.

Protect Your Investment

Look for phone cases specifically designed to accommodate its wireless charging feature, like Caseology’s collection of iPhone 8 cases, which provide durable protection but with a sleek and slender profile that isn’t too thick to prevent the function from working.

A popular trend in the world of cell phone accessories are clear cases because they provide protection for your device with a cover that looks and feels nearly invisible. For a splash of color and texture, safeguard your new smartphone with a modern and minimalist iPhone 8 cover designed with a shatter-resistant bumper case.

Whether your cell phone case style is sporty and contemporary, modern and minimalist, or rugged and basic, always choose an iPhone 8 cover designed with military-grade durability, an industry standard that goes through a series of rigorous drop tests. Include a 9H tempered glass screen protector and give your shiny new device the most advanced protection, that way your protective gear can take a beating so your smartphone doesn’t have to.  


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