Check Out Our Full Line up of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+ Cases

By Jacqueline Kim on

Upgrade your iPhone? Upgrade your look with our newest lineup of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cases. We’ve got eight unique styles for you to choose from—all available in a variety of colors. Read more about our designs below.

iphone 7 caseology case Titan series front and back view

Titan Series

If you’re all about heavy duty protection, look no further. The Titan is made with a dual layer of hard polycarbonate and shock-absorbent TPU material, making it our most rugged armor case ever. Its substantial body, solid hand feel and streamlined design all merge to create the ultimate protective case. Available in Gunmetal, Deep Blue and Rose Gold.

 iphone 7 caseology case Vault series front and back view

Vault Series

The Vault, the Titan’s slimmer counterpart, features a smooth matte black exterior and carbon fiber accents for modern militant appeal. Don’t be fooled by its discreet physique and weightless build—its impact-resistant TPU material hugs every inch and curve for secure drop protection from every angle. Available in Black.

 iphone 7 caseology case Savoy series front and back view

Savoy Series

If you’re looking for something more refined, then the Savoy is the case for you. Its creamy matte tone and chrome accents radiate luxury and class without being flashy. The removable chrome plate slider makes for easy installation/removal and the hard polycarbonate shell is finished with a lustrous coating for a smooth touch. To top it off, the inside of the case is lined with soft microfiber material that prevents scratches. Available in Navy, Black, Mint Green and Pink.

 iphone 7 caseology case Envoy series front and back view

Envoy Series

The Envoy is pure sophistication with its polished leather and tailored fit. For a timeless look and feel, we used premium synthetic leather and combined it with a brushed gold (or black) polycarbonate frame for secure drop protection. Available in Leather Beige, Leather Cherry Oak, Leather Green, Leather Black and Carbon Fiber Black.

iphone 7 caseology case Parallax series front and back view

Parallax Series

The Parallax’s geometric honeycomb design complements the iPhone perfectly. Ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip, its sleek build and grippy texture give a secure hand feel to prevent unwanted drops. Available in Black, Black/Gold, Navy Blue, Mint Green and Pink.

 iphone 7 caseology case Wavelength series front and back view

Wavelength Series

The three-dimensional line pattern and contoured curves of the Wavelength add a contemporary touch that’s chic and on-trend. Finish with a gold polycarbonate frame and you’ve got an improved grip and functional protection. Available in Black/Deep Blue, Black/Gold, Navy Blue, Burgundy, Mint Green and Coral Pink.


iphone 7 caseology case Skyfall series front and back view

Skyfall Series

Show off the sleek design of the iPhone with the Skyfall. It features a crystal clear back cover with a brushed chrome frame for straightforward style that doesn’t compromise protection. No wonder it’s our best-selling series. Available in Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Black.

 iphone 7 caseology case Waterfall case front and back view

Waterfall Series

Less is definitely more when it comes to the Fusion. Its modern, minimalist approach highlights the natural features of the iPhone for pure, uncomplicated design. Dress it up, dress it down—it’s the perfect companion to any look. Available in Clear, Gray, Mint Green and Rose Gold.

Want to see more great styles and colors? Check out our entire iPhone 7 and 7 Plus collection. Happy shopping!


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