What Does Wireless Charging Mean for Apple?

By Jacqueline Kim on

After Apple’s recent partnership with the Wireless Power Consortium, rumors have fans buzzing about what’s in store for the iPhone 8 set to release this year and whether or not the new design will feature wireless charging capabilities.


What is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging is made possible by an industry standard software called Qi, meaning energy flow in ancient Chinese, and that works with cell phones, music playing devices, and cameras. Electromagnetic induction powers the wireless charging and charges the battery of a device via electromagnetic waves rather than a charging cable. The charging station, or Qi Sender, sends out the electromagnetic energy to the device’s receiver to trigger its battery.


How Does Wireless Charging Work?

Wireless charging works much like an electric toothbrush and uses induction to send energy waves to a device’s built-in receptor. The energy sender works in tandem with the device’s receiver to send and recognize signals and successfully wake up the battery. Charging via induction begins automatically once the Qi Sender receives confirmation that a compatible device is near. As soon as the device reaches 100%, standby mode is switched on. To protect compatible iPhones from overheating due to wireless charging, they will be made with glass casings, OLED displays, and additional graphite sheet lamination.


What Does This Mean for the iPhone?

Rumors predict that Apple will launch a set of three iPhone 8’s this year, with at least one having wireless charging capabilities. Needing a charger close by, losing a charger, or having to replace a cord or charging block will be a thing of the past for those planning on getting the newest model this year. The price for wireless technology and other new features, including built-in Touch ID and other sensors, may cost buyers around $1,000 for a compatible iPhone.


Here’s a brief overview of what wireless charging means for future iPhone 8 owners:


  • Have only one central charging station for all devices
  • Charge all Qi compatible devices, models, and manufacturers
  • Never use a cord again
  • Unconsciously charge your devices at home, the office, or a friends or family’s house away from home with the Qi Sender station


We’re soon entering a time that mirrors the excitement of the first iPhone debut. Users await with bated breath for everything we all know and love about the iPhone, plus the all-too-enticing convenience of wireless charging.


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