Surprising Features the iPhone 8 May Have

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Surprising Features the iPhone 8 May Have

With the iPhone 8 coming out in a few months, Apple’s world debut of its next-generation operating system has been surrounded by rumors and speculation. As the countdown to the iOS 11 begins, here’s what tech experts are hoping to see:


3D Camera: Software developers are currently scrambling to create a 3D camera function, a development that has pushed back the release date for several months. According to experts at MacRumors, Apple’s latest flagship device will feature a revolutionary front-facing camera with 3D sensing capabilities, an upgraded system supported by PrimeSense algorithms. The function uses infrared transmitting and receiving modules that access the depth and location data of objects placed in front of it. This function could potentially be used in gaming apps along with a new wave of embedded interactive features.


Facial and Iris Recognition: Keeping up with Samsung’s groundbreaking new software, the iPhone 8 is expected to have its own version of facial and iris recognition, which would replace the Touch ID of the iPhone 7. This game-changing upgrade has the potential to be incorporated into a variety of apps, from biometric authentication to games. It also falls in line with Apple’s two-step authentication, which combines fingerprint scanning with facial recognition.


No Home Button: Recent leaks of the iPhone 8 by Apple expert Benjamin Geskin suggest the new edge-to-edge display will be without a home button, which allows for an even more expansive 5.8 inch OLED screen, comparable to the impressive infinity display of Samsung’s Galaxy S8.


Wireless Charging: According to recent leaks, the iPhone 8 will also add a wireless charging system—a long overdue upgrade. If it's by inductive charging, the phone will be required to sit on a charging pad in a specific spot, which isn’t the most advanced type of wireless technology. However, it is possible that Apple is working on a first-of-its-kind innovation that would make wireless charging faster and more efficient.


After shaking up the tech world with its innovative features, the Galaxy S8 has set the new standard. In the arms race to be the best smartphone, Apple fans can expect the next generation iPhone to go above and beyond in order to keep up in its competition with the latest Android phones.



Image Source: Benjamin Geskin



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