What Does Military Grade Mean?

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With new smartphones featuring stunning all-glass construction, your most important accessory needs protection from those inevitable drops more than ever. A recent survey by Motorola showed that 50% of smartphone users have cracked their screens, and 21% currently have a cracked screen. Luckily, Caseology’s cell phone cases are designed with Military Grade Drop-Tested Protection, which complies with MIL–STD-810G drop-test standards.

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What is a Military Grade Case?

Developed by the US Department of Defense, the MIL–STD-810G is a test series designed to judge the durability and lifespan of equipment under various forms of physical stress. MIL-STD-810G 516.6 refers to the Transit Drop Test, Method 516.6 Procedure IV, which outlines the drop test parameters. In order to receive certification, each case must be dropped onto concrete 26 times from a height of 48 inches onto every corner and edge. Method 516.7, which the Caseology cases underwent, is the same test except that the cases are dropped onto steel reinforced with concrete.


Smartphone Protection

To pass the drop-testing and receive certification, the phone inside the case must be intact, fully functional, and free of aesthetic damage. Internal damage, such as damage to the microphone, haptic feedback engine, or speakers, is also considered.


Smartphone Screen Protection

Although the smartphone case goes through rigorous drop testing, damages to the screen from direct impact doesn’t fall under the scope of military standards. This includes any damage from sharp objects, protrusions, or edges, which is why we recommend a screen protector for additional protection against everyday wear and tear. 


Caseology Cases

Here at Caseology, we offers a collection of beautifully designed cell phone cases that are 100% military grade certified, including the Titan, Skyfall, and more. Take a look today and enjoy the benefits of military drop protection in style.


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