Apple vs Android (Part 2)

By Jacqueline Kim on

Are you in the market for a new smartphone? Can't decide whether to get an iPhone or Android? I'll admit, Android has come a long way with devices like the Galaxy S7 and OnePlus 3. And if you're willing to overlook the fact that the Note 7 might set your house on fire, Android could be the device for you. But first, let me give you 7 reasons why Apple is still the reigning king of the smartphone world.

UX Simplified 

The iPhone user experience can be described with one word: simple. Its intuitive interface, minimalist design and invariable operating principles have garnered life-long users since it first came out nine years ago. And since Apple has such strict guidelines on how things should work in iOS, you can expect any iPhone to perform consistently across the board. [BGR}

A Developer's Dream

It’s no secret that developers would rather make apps for the iPhone for several reasons: the coding is less complicated, it takes less time to develop than for Android and the app works across all iOS devices without needing additional testing and management. There are still a lot of apps that are exclusive to Apple and you will often see a better design on the iOS version than on Android. [Macworld]

Regular iOS Updates

One of the iPhone’s greatest advantages over Android is its regular and highly accessible software updates. Very little Android users have access to new updates after they’re released (including flagship devices) and many will never have access to them. iPhone, on the other hand, offers its latest software updates to models up to 5 years old. [Inc.}

AppleCare & AppleCare+

Insurance is one of those things we all should have but hesitate to buy because simply, it costs extra. Part of the beauty of Apple is that every iPhone you purchase comes with a 1-year limited AppleCare warranty. This basic plan is completely free and even includes 90 days of complimentary phone support. If you opt for AppleCare+, which costs an additional $129, you’ll get 2 years of both warranty and phone support. [iMore]

Top-Notch Support

Another feature that makes Apple distinctively different from every other smartphone company is its customer service. Apple has a total of 486 retail stores that all offer a Genius Bar for technical support, repairs, free workshops and more. Couple that with AppleCare and you've got unbeatable support.

Sharing Is Caring

A huge benefit of being part of the iOS family is the ease in which you’re able to share across Apple devices. You can share things like location, links, contacts, Apple music, and files with your friends and readily sync your iPhone to your Mac or iPad. Androids, unfortunately, require third-party apps which don’t work as seamlessly in comparison to the iPhone. [GottaBeMobile]

Higher Resale & Upgrade Options

For users who upgrade their phones regularly, good news! The iPhone has a better resale value than an Android device, even if they came out around the same time. Or you can trade in your device with the iPhone Trade-up program and get up to $315 credit towards a new iPhone. An even better deal is the iPhone Upgrade program ($32/month) which includes a new, unlocked iPhone every year with AppleCare+ protection. [GottaBeMobile]


When choosing a smartphone, it really comes down to the kind of user experience you’re looking for. These are just a few of the (compelling) reasons why you should definitely choose Apple. Still not convinced? Read our Android vs Apple blog post for more comparisons and check out our entire iPhone 7/7 Plus Case Collection while you're at it.


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