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Cell Phone Etiquette Tips From The Experts

Cell Phone Etiquette Tips From The Experts

By Eric Kim on

cell phone etiquette

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4 Cell Phone Etiquette Tips From The Experts

Like a finishing school for the polished professional, we've asked the brightest minds for expert tips on proper cell phone etiquette, an essential tool for getting ahead in a high tech world.

1. Consider content carefully

  • Keep your messages free from profanity and maintain a pleasant and professional tone at all times.
  • With smartphones, spontaneity can be contagious… Remember, once a text, tweet, or post is sent, it's live. It can be very difficult to completely delete a post from the internet. 

- International Etiquette Expert, Sharon Schweitzer


2. Silence your smartphone

  • Turn off your cell phone before meetings, meals, and meaningful moments - like dates!
  • If you can't turn your device off, turn it to silent or vibrate. Your phone is not a replacement for an in-person meeting. 

- International Etiquette Expert, Sharon Schweitzer

3. Don’t let your phone take over your life

  • Avoid excessive cell phone use because it could lead to being disconnected with the real world or cause health problems like restlessness and insomnia. 
  • Don’t stay on your devices right up until you’re ready to go to bed. The blue light plays tricks with your melatonin and could affect your sleep.
  • Don’t grab your phone first thing in the morning. Allow yourself time to set your day and decide what your priorities are... there’s plenty of time to start dancing to other people’s requests later in the morning.
  • Don’t grab your phone to Google something you don’t know. Instead, give yourself time to think about the answer, have a discussion, and even daydream at bit. This increases brainpower by forcing your synapses to work a little harder to find the answer. 

- Connectivity and Digital Detox Expert, Holland Haiis

4. Be aware of the outside world

  • Don’t continue a phone conversation while you’re paying for your purchase. This is rude to the cashier or salesperson. 
  • Don’t hold up the flow of pedestrian traffic to memorialize some random part of your day.
  • Always ask before tagging other people in your posts.
  • If you can’t walk and navigate your phone at the same time, then just pick one.

- Chief Communications Officer, Justin Lavelle

Cell phone etiquette may seem like common sense, but with such easy access to communication, information, and social media, anyone can make a mess of their personal and professional lives with unharnessed. Whether it's because of short attention spans or forgetfulness, it can be easy to forget our cell phone manners.




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