iOS 11 Updates We Wish Would Happen

By Eric Kim on

The iPhone is currently one of the most advanced smartphones available but even the most innovative features could use a facelift. Here’s what we’d love to see when Apple debuts its next-generation iOS 11 this fall.


Animated Icons: This feature would allow developers to include small animations to app icons. With this added software, the animated icon could display the current temperature, date, or other useful information right from the home screen.


Access Music Apps on Siri Voice Command: On the iPhone 7, the interface of Siri voice command accesses iTunes automatically, but we’d love to see the option of using Siri to play music with Pandora or Youtube.


Better Version of Siri: Rumors of an overhauled interface for iOS 11 means that we can likely expect some major Siri improvements, including text-based Siri for people who don’t want to talk to their phones. We also hope to see Apple introduce a similar feature to Google Assistant's chatbot.


Volume Interface: Right now, customers aren’t crazy about the current volume display of the iPhone because the giant icon takes up too much space in the middle of the screen. A design less intrusive and more subtle would be a much appreciated improvement on the current software.


Dark Mode: iPhone users are still waiting for the rumored dark mode feature, a system-wide function that turns on at sunset.


Split-View Multitasking: Similar to the function on the iPad, this feature would be a helpful update to the iPhone 7 Plus, especially because its expansive screen would allow two apps to be used at once. It would also allow picture-in-picture mode, which plays a video in the corner of the screen while other apps are in use. It would be a great use for the larger OLED 5.8-inch display.


More Options for the Photos App: Readers of MacRumors want to see improvements to the interface, including the option of syncing across devices or choosing specific albums to sync to iCloud Photo Library. Another feature we’d like to see is the option to fully hide photos from albums and the ability to manually insert captions.


Photo Editing Tool Overhaul

The software could use a makeover when it comes to the photo editing tool options, including additional filters and an easy-to-use cut and paste function.


Camera App Improvements: We would like the camera app to have a better macro lens feature which would allow users to get close-up shots with extreme clarity.


Die-hard iPhone fans will always crave the latest version, whether or not it includes these much-desired features and enhancements. They can only hope software developers have answered their call for improvements.



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