Snap Fit (2P)



  • Slim and durable glass compatible with Google Pixel 7a screen protector
  • Quick and easy application and removal process with Snap Fit tray
  • Provides premium protection while mimicking your phone’s natural feel
  • Includes 2 glass screen protectors, Snap Fit alignment tray, a microfiber cloth, cleaning wipes, dust removal stickers and a squeegee
  • Caseology Snap Fit Compatible with Google Pixel 7a Case (2023)


Pixel 7a Snap Fit (2 Pack)

Say good bye to unseemly bubbles and fussing with your screen protector's fit—Caseology's Snap Fit is the hassle-free, high-tech solution to protecting your Pixel 7a screen. Our installation tray is an excellent guide to give you a flawless application, every time. Tempered glass is designed to work seamlessly with your device's fingerprint reading, while providing protection that won't compromise your phone’s natural feel. Oleophobic coating keeps it smudge-free for longer. Stay protected with premium, scratch-resistant protection that wards off all the sharp edges in your life and keeps your Pixel 7a looking fresh out the box.

  • Transparency

BARCODE: 810083833200

SKU: AGL06252

AGL06252 - Pixel 7a Snap Fit (2P) Screen Protector showing the device, installation tray and two screen protectors.