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Why Caseology's Galaxy S8 Cases?

Just like the wallet or handbag, a stylish and durable phone case for your Galaxy S8 is another must-have accessory for the busy, style-conscious professional. A best-selling ‘tech-cessory’ brand, Caseology has answered the case call for the S8 by combining modern trends and personal expression with high-grade protection. Inspired by the latest design movements and using top quality materials, we’re committed to re-inventing and honing the craft of S8 phone case phone case design, making Caseology a best-selling fashion accessory brand. Shop Caseology today and join us in spreading goodness and innovation.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ evoked such a strong sense of excitement and thrill as we awaited the big reveal and experienced the speculated leaks come to life! Caseology is a best-selling “tech-cessory’ brand that commits to using high-quality materials while re-inventing each case with the consumer’s desires in mind. Why? Because the modern consumer knows best. Revolutionary? Check. Protective? Check. Sleek and Stylish? Check. Shop Caseology today and join the Caseology Family in spreading goodness and innovation--one case at a time.

Galaxy S8 Case Coastline

Clear-backed and a step above true minimalist, the Coastline Galaxy S8 case is perfectly versatile. The frosted bumper is reinforced for drop protection and the back panel features a rigid, colored frame. Inspired by our best-selling clear case Skyfall, the Coastline series is specially designed to be the perfect case for the Galaxy S8. Show off the features of your shiny new phone with a glossy translucent bumper and colored frame, the fine details that set our clear cases apart from any other Galaxy S8 case. Featuring anti-scratch acrylic and corner cushion protection, this tri-layer design combines the best in function and understated elegance, making it ideal for playing up or down your style.

Galaxy S8 Case Coastline - Clear, Gray

Galaxy S8 Cases Fairmont

This unique geometric Galaxy S8 case is an award-winning fan-favorite. Not only is it trendy and fun, it's durable and shock-proof, so you can look good and rest easy. An innovative update on our popular Envoy, the polished and professional Fairmont Galaxy S8 case is a high tech case re-invented for the new features of the S8. Whether your style is casual, formal, or a little bit of both, compliment any outfit with this wardrobe must-have that easily goes from day to evening. A trendy twist on a classic design, the sophisticated and ultra functional Fairmont phone case for Galaxy S8 is a go-to accessory for always looking polished and professional. Enjoy a streamlined and lightweight case that offers durable protection with its shock absorbent TPU core and corner cushion protection.

Galaxy S8 Cases Fairmont - Burgundy, Black

Galaxy S8 Cases Legion

Sleek. Rugged. Durable. Slim. Everything you want in a traditional Galaxy S8 case—all the features with none of the extra bulk. Designed for the sporty and adventurous professional, the Legion Series Galaxy S8 phone offer heavy-duty protection with its rugged and sturdy build. The modern and basic sleeve made of tactile TPU easily goes from out in the field to out on the town. An ultra durable armor case made with top grade materials, the Legion phone case for the Galaxy S8 is a simple, versatile beauty that flatters any wardrobe.

Galaxy S8 Cases Legion - Military-Grade, Rose-Gold, Pink, Gunmetal, Gray, Blue, Black

Galaxy S8 Cases Vault I

Simple yet handsome, this lightly-textured Galaxy S8 case has got you covered. Laser-etched carbon fiber patterns and fine lines repel fingerprints and add class to this protective case. Keep it simple with the Vault I Series Galaxy S8 Case, a slim minimalist design perfect for the tech-minded professional. Compliment a low-key wardrobe with the rugged elegance of a brushed case and also protect your S8 with high-grade materials designed not to add extra bulk.

Galaxy S8 Cases Vault I - Pattern, Military-Grade, Black

Galaxy S8 Cases Vault II

A subtle reinvention of the original Vault, the Vault II Galaxy S8 case features an entire sleeve of a textured, three-dimensional line pattern that provides a comfortable grip and a modern aesthetic. This case is simple, elegant, and a little bit rugged with laser-etched diagonal lines and flexible, one-piece construction. Protect your new S8 with a case from the Vault II Series, a balanced combination of style and function.

Galaxy S8 Cases Vault II - Pattern, Military-Grade, Burgundy, Black

Galaxy S8 Cases Parallax

This unique geometric Galaxy S8 case is an award-winning fan-favorite. Not only is it trendy and fun, it's durable and shock-proof, so you can look good and rest easy. An achievement in futuristic design, the Parallax Series is a unique style Galaxy S8 phone case that stands out with a visually striking geometric pattern. Offered in a variety of color combinations, the Parallax Series cases for the Galaxy S8 are a marvel of contemporary style that adds instant chic to your daily wardrobe. Express your personal style with a fun pop of color, such as mint green, coral pink, and burgundy or choose understated classics like black, black/dark blue, and navy blue.

Galaxy S8 Cases Parallax - Pattern, Military-Grade, Gray, Burgundy, Black