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Why Caseology’s Galaxy S7 Cases?

Find the perfect phone cases for your Samsung Galaxy S7 from Caseology, the top-selling brand of mobile phone ‘tech-cessories.’ Discover why millions of people trust our phone cases for durability, affordability, and ultra chic style—made with high tech drop protection materials, refined accents, and modern details.

Shop Caseology today and find the perfect Galaxy phone case for your budget and personal style.

Galaxy S7 Cases Envoy

Add a classic touch to your accessory wardrobe with the sleek and slim Envoy, our series of beautifully designed Samsung Galaxy S7 phone covers. Give any outfit instant style and elegance with a PU leather exterior that provides a soft and secure grip. Whether you’re at the office, on the go, or at home, always feel like an executive with our popular and stylish Samsung Galaxy S7 Envoy cases.

Galaxy S7 Cases Envoy - Military Grade, Luxury, Leather Navy Blue, Carbon Fiber Black, Green, Cherry Oak, Brown, Pink

Galaxy S7 CasesWavelength

In addition to a visually interesting pattern of three-dimensional Wavelength lines, fall in love with our textured Samsung Galaxy S7 phone cases for its comfortable grip and subtle beauty. The patented interior pattern also provides a secure hold and the double layer of shock-resistant TPU keeps it safe and crack-free. Following this season’s shimmery metallic trend, the sleek and slim Samsung Galaxy S7 phone cases are framed with satiny gold accents.

Galaxy S7 CasesWavelength - Military Grade, Pattern, Coral Pink, Black, Navy Blue, Black, Gold

Galaxy S7 Cases Parallax

A powerful play on intricate, geometric patterns, the Parallax is a simple beauty of rugged yet streamlined elegance. With its slim frame and textured grip, enjoy the benefits of sleek and basic phone cases that give any outfit an instant look of understated style. Metallic accents add a dash of subtle shimmer and also protect your phone from accidental drops.

Galaxy S7 Cases Parallax - Military Grade, Pattern, Rose Gold, Pink, Gold, Blue, Black, Navy

Galaxy S7 Cases Skyfall

If minimalist chic is more your style, another option is Skyfall, our series of Samsung Galaxy S7 cases for men and women. Made with transparent acrylic, our most popular cases are ideal for protecting your phone from scratches and cracks while showing off its most important features with effortless elegance. Taking a cue from contemporary design, the designers at Caseology have created ultra stylish and modern Samsung Galaxy S7 phone cases that combine a smooth and glossy finish with a bumper that highlights the frame in complementary colors, including silver, gold, and more.

Galaxy S7 Cases Skyfall - Military Grade, Luxury, Rose Gold, Pink, Gold, Blue, Navy, Black

Galaxy S7 Cases Messenger

A smart, put-together look for Galaxy S7 phone cases is Caseology’s Case Messenger, a favorite option for professionals looking for subtle and streamlined fashion. Keep your most important pieces of plastic safe and secure in the exquisitely detailed and functional front leather wallet that protects your valuables. Made with the same shock resistant materials as our best-selling phone covers, the added detail turns it into a practical wallet, a two-in-one feature exclusive to our collection of Galaxy S7 phone cases.

Galaxy S7 Cases Messenger - Pattern, Luxury, Brown, Blue, Beige, Navy