What's New, Tech World?

By Elizabeth Waschak on

Don’t know what to get for the Apple devotee who has it all? Wired rounds up some awesome accessories to complement Apple devices. If these are a little outside your price range, you can always check out our best-selling Skyfall cases for iPhone 7! 


Weird, scary, or fun? Whatever your feelings, Snap Spectacles are changing the way we record memories. Easy-to-use glasses let you capture moments that you can’t catch with a handheld camera, and noticeable lights alert people when you’re filming. They’re distinctive and hard to get, but they very well might be the way of the future. 


Looking forward to recording your epic trips down the mountainside or winter skydiving escapades? Now you can overlay data like speed and altitude on your GoPro footage! It only works with the desktop editor, but the bit of extra effort will amp up your extreme sports footage and make you look even more awesome. 


Gearing up for some Black Friday tech-hunting? Tech Times rounded up some Black Friday deals that can get you deep discounts on iPhones and iPads. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a special someone, catching a good deal is always worth it. 


If you’re not an Apple person, Forbes has compiled a list of deals on Samsung products this year. The Galaxy S7 is still one of the best flagship Android phones out there, but they cost a pretty penny. Saving many of those pennies with Black Friday deals is a very good life choice. 



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