5 Best Photo-Editing Apps For Food

By Amanda Kim on

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, your dining table spread needs to be on its A-game. Even if things don't come out looking the way you expected, here are five apps to make your feast look amazing:


  1. Afterlight ($1.79)

    Although it's not free, Afterlight is a powerful photo editing tool that lets you overlay different stencils and even add dust or light leaks.

  2. Fused

    Want to get your decorations and dishes all in one shot? With fused, you can overlay background images with your food image. 

  3. Lens Distortions

    To give your food photos that extra focus or high-quality touch, Lens Distortions has light hits, fog, and a 'legacy' feature that mimics a bokeh lens effect.

  4. Snapseed

    If you want to be exact and detailed with closeup shots of your dishes, Snapseed is the tool for you. Its 'selective feature allows for pin-point controlled effects that lets you specify areas you want to brighten or saturate. It also carries a good set of filters for that finishing touch.

  5. Layout

    If you're into collages to show all your courses, then Layout is your new friend. As Instagram's secondary collage app, you can choose from a variety of layouts and post straight to your IG account.



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