iOS 10: What's New?

By Jacqueline Kim on

If you can’t afford to upgrade to iPhone 7, at least you’ll still be able to update your iOS software. It's expected to be so drastically different that you “won’t recognize the interface.” Matt Swider, TechRadar. Here's a snapshot of the latest updates iOS 10 will include.

New and Improved iMessage

The most popular improvement is sure to be the new iMessage features: bubble effects, digital ink, tapback, (72) new emojis, invisible ink, stickers and more. iOS 10 will change the way you message by personalizing and animating almost every aspect of text.

Do More with Siri

Apple claims that Siri will do more than ever in the latest update. With its intense API, Siri will be able to understand and accurately execute commands spoken in everyday vernacular. You’ll also be able to command Siri through third-party apps, a feature that has been long-awaited by loyal Siri users.

Maps Update and App-Integration

Finally! You’ll be able to scroll ahead on a route, as well as see what stops are along the way (like gas, food and coffee). Maps will even suggest routes based on the time of day and your calendar events. And you can make reservations on OpenTable and hail an Uber ride without ever leaving the app. 

Raise to Wake

Another interesting improvement is the "Raise to Wake" feature. Simply pick up your phone and and your lockscreen will illuminate, showing your most recent notifications. Slide to unlock has also been removed and replaced with a “Press home to open” feature.

Finding Photos Made Easy

Have you ever wasted hours scrolling through all two thousand of your photos? Well, iOS 10 will allow you to search for photos by keywords and sorts the results by category, album, place and more.

Multilingual Texting

If you’re multilingual, texting can be a lot of work. Great news, now you’ll be able to type two different languages at the same time without switching keyboards, making iMessage more fluid than ever.

For more information on iOS 10 features, check out TechRadar’s article or visit Apple’s website.


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