Give Your iPhone a Boost

By Elizabeth Waschak on

Can’t afford to upgrade to the iPhone SE right now? Here are some late-spring cleaning tips to spruce up your older phone.


1) Purge your photos.

Plug your phone into your computer and transfer all of your photos. Keep the ones you like to look at, the ones you’re using for wallpaper or contact images, the key vacation photos you show off to your friends, and the gifs you use most often. Move the rest to a much bigger hard drive. Don’t forget to clear out all the photos you’ve sent in messages! Open a message thread and tap Details to see all your attachments. Save the ones you want to keep, then select and delete them all!


2) Weed your apps.

Delete the apps you don’t use, especially if they are space-eaters. Go into your Settings>General>Storage & iCloud Usage to see which apps are taking up the most space. It’s also a good idea to turn off Background App Refresh to save battery and speed. Find that setting under Settings>General>Background App Refresh. Having fewer apps and fewer notification bubbles also helps with peace of mind; you may find your stress reduces when you slim down.


3) Restart!

Restart your iPhone! While it’s less vital on newer phones than it was a few years ago, it still helps if your phone is feeling sluggish. If you don’t want to fully restart, flush the RAM by holding down the power button until the Power Off prompt appears. Then press and hold the Home button until the home screen appears. Boom. Empty RAM.


4) Clean up.

Use a soft cloth, either dry or moistened with water, to clean the outside of your phone. Take it out of its case and wipe down all the parts you never see. Maybe get a fresh screen protector!


5) Change up the outfit.

Love the rose gold, but not enough to upgrade your whole phone? Lucky for you, the iPhone SE cases fit the 5 and 5S just fine. Pop on our rose gold Skyfall case for a two-tone look, or go for full color with the rose gold Savoy.


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