Fashion Watch: NYFW and LFW for You

By Elizabeth Waschak on

We’ve gathered up a couple of the most interesting stories in fashion from this week and put them all in one place for you to enjoy!

The colorful people at Pantone went to 119 shows at New York Fashion Week to look at each and every color in each and every outfit. From there, they released their top colors for Spring 2017. If you like blue, you’re in luck. (LA Times

If official runway thingies aren’t really your style, Manrepeller explained Pantone’s colors with toast. (Manrepeller)

If you’ve been secretly hiding a pair of comfy but hideously ugly Crocs under your bed, you can pull them out now. At London Fashion Week, Christopher Kane covered Crocs in rocks and crystals, put them on his runway models, and made them suddenly chic. Or, at least, fashionable in the runway sense. (Refinery29)

Runway fashion can be confusing for the everyday person. Sometimes it helps to think of runway shows as art projects, where inspiration is manifested in three dimensions on the canvas of a living, moving human body. Sometimes, the inspiration is clear. This week in London, Burberry showed a line of clothes inspired by Virginia Woolf’s novel, Orlando. The story is of a man who mysteriously turns into a woman and lives for 300 years, meeting important people throughout history. The show displayed anachronistic unisex outfits on both male and female models, done up with identical makeup such that time and gender became blurred. (Elle)


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