Pantone Colors for Spring 2017

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The color experts at the Pantone Color Institute travel across continents collecting color information from runways, decorator showrooms, car shows, and the like. After careful analysis, Pantone has announced the 2017 Color of the Year and Top 10 Colors of 2017 based on the overarching message that the color conveys and what it can do to shape our experiences.

With a keen eye for color trend forecasting, Pantone understands the critical influence of colors on our highly visual world. This year, the colors include a mix of bright, vibrant pastels, and calm, earthy tones, which signifies hope and new beginnings. Inspired by the hues found in nature, the Pantone Fashion Color Report combines hues that evoke a sense of renewed vitality and rejuvenation with the soothing serenity that comes with the dense green foliage of the forest, the deep blue waters of the ocean, the soothing aquamarine colors of the islands, and accents that reflect the vivid colors of spring in full bloom. Take a stroll through the spectacular color palette of Pantone 2017 and discover the shades inspired by the latest runway trends of top designers, including Gucci, Michael Kors, and Prada:



Specially noted as the most prevalent shade in Pantone’s meticulous and thoughtful research, Niagara is a comfortable, denim-like blue, which bolsters a sense of nostalgia and familiarity. It also speaks to the natural desire for people to seek serenity in turbulent times. This popular shade is versatile and dependable, with a warmth that conjures the sense calm and peaceful water on the horizon or the delicate light blue of a slightly overcast sky.


Primrose Yellow

Bright and cheery, this warm color brings up fond memories of sunny mornings and the image of sunshine peeking through a row of daffodils and daisies in the windowsill. Primrose yellow is on the other end of the color wheel from Niagra, which makes a dynamic contrast with its warmth and enthusiasm for staying on the sunny side of life. This joyful color instantly transports us to a world filled with pure happiness and vitality, which signals the dawn of a new day along with a renewed sense of hope for the coming of spring and its seasonal blossoms. Representing the heat of the sun, yellow is the color of life and enlightenment.


Lapis Blue

A color of deep cleansing and purification, the cool shade reflects the confidence and grace associated with royalty, and in nature, lapis blue and shades in the same family make up the iridescent colors on the spectacular peacock, the proud bird with mesmerizing feathers. This strong shade also represents courage and valor, making it an ideal color theme for the nautical world. The intensity of this hue also evokes inner radiance that comes from a strong sense of pride and inner wisdom.


Pale Dogwood

This understated pink-beige color is a neutral tone that gives a distinctive look of subtle elegance. Like the previous colors in the lineup, pale dogwood invites us to find peace and calm in a turbulent world by going outside and experiencing the awe-inspiring beauty of the great outdoors. Of all the earthy hues, pale dogwood stands out as the most sleek and sophisticated with its refined hints of delicate ivory that blend into any surroundings with ease.



In the world of design, this bold and flamboyant tone is essential in this year’s color palette for its vivacious and glowing red-orange hue. Following the trends from the runway, flame is also used in a way that isn’t considered traditional. This season’s color theme is all about going against the grain with its eclectic mix of hues that play on contrasts and extremes. Theatrical and daring, this shade represents the unpredictability of nature and the fiery heat of a planet on the brink of renewal and rebirth.



Similar to Pale Dogwood but with darker undertones, Hazelnut is an essential neutral shade for 2017. Its earthiness captures a natural inner warmth and beauty that comes from a life of simplicity and what Pantone calls “unpretentiousness.” This color also easily transitions from season to season with a gentle, peaceful effortlessness.


Island Paradise

In the eternal search for a utopia, this dreamy blue shade captures the heart and soul of Island Paradise, a color of underwater escapades and dreams of tranquility in our stressful world. Cool and refreshing, this aquamarine color invites us to escape the everyday and enter a tropical paradise.


Pink Yarrow

Fun and festive, this color calls to mind tropical blossoms that accent lush, green foliage found in exotic rainforests. Feel the spirit of a majestic sunrise with splashes of deep magenta hues, which makes a striking combination with then subtle neutrals and verdant green tones and brings to mind a vibrant jungle. 



This deep green shade is more subdued and complimentary to the bright pastels and understated neutrals found in the color roundup. This fertile shade reminds us of our natural desire to reconnect with nature, which is a major theme for this year’s top color trends.



Rounding out the Pantone 2017 spring colors is Greenery, the color of the year. Pantone describes this verdant shade as “a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore, and renew.” It also represents the growing consciousness of protecting the environment and cherishing the natural wonders of the planet. 


Throughout the ages, colors have been linked with deep-rooted beliefs and traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. They are also closely associated to our emotions and sensibilities, which make the psychology of colors an essential study for companies deciding on the right look for their brand and image. The colors of spring might not be for everyone, but Pantone promises they’ll grow on you.






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