Urban Strap



  • Flexible, comfortable fabric strap that is easy on your hands
  • Minimal design to keep your device slim
  • Quick and easy to install on your current phone case
  • Compatible with most cases and devices
  • Case not included

Urban Strap Series

Keep your device in hand with the handy Urban Strap. Effortlessly light, our Urban Strap is designed to slip into your case and provide a secure grip without adding any unwieldy thickness to your case. This nifty little strap is made with flexible fabric and designed to stay comfortable, no matter what. Say goodbye to the awkward bump in the back of the case from your typical ring holder and say hello to Urban Strap!

Urban Black
  • Urban Black
  • Urban Green
  • Urban Burgundy
  • Urban Blue

BARCODE: 819617028679

SKU: AMP02568

Urban Strap