Galaxy S6

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The Waterfall case protects your phone's with crystal clarity and lets your personal style shine through.

Flawless Clarity

Transparent acrylic
Scratch-resistant coating

Dual Layered

TPU + polycarbonate & acrylic
Shock absorbent frame
Tactile button covers

Drop Protection

Shock absorbent frame
Corner cushion design
Raised bezel protection
Minimalist Design

The Waterfall’s minimalist design not only protects your device, it shows off its best features with style and flawless clarity.

Lasting Clarity

Made with scratch-resistant acrylic and a polished polycarbonate frame that’ll keep your device looking pristine and protected.

Drop Protection

The Waterfall's shock absorbent frame is made with a dual layer of thermoplastic polyurethane & polycarbonate material. Each corner has specially designed cushions to protect against drops.

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Galaxy S6 Waterfall Case