Which Smartphone Has the Best Camera: Google Pixel vs. iPhone 7 vs. Samsung S7 vs. LG V20

By Jacqueline Kim on

Gone are the days when we needed a professional quality DSLR camera and fancy equipment to capture amazing shots. Nowadays, all you need is a smartphone to take Instagram-worthy photos for all of life’s moments. But which smartphone camera is the best? Check out our comparison below of today’s most popular smartphones.


Google Pixel

When compared to other smartphones for overall image quality and clarity, the Google Pixel takes the lead on many top tech sites, including Tech Times and Tech Radar. The Google Pixel also received an impressive 89 score from DxOMark, praising the Pixel for its dynamic range and an exquisite level of image detail when it came to landscapes, low light shots, and selfies. Read the full DxOMark review here.


iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 comes in close second to the Pixel in low light shots and selfies but falls short in the outdoor shots category. It scores quite a few points with its dual camera and telephoto feature, which give impressive depth to photos, produce quality portraits, and nix the need for cropping when moving closer isn’t an option. Overall, it offers quality images and a good dynamic range when the HDR is enabled.


Samsung S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7’s most prominent edge against the other models is its excellence in low light photography. But when it comes to outdoor shooting, the S7 fails to capture excellent image clarity and often produces too much contrast. That being said, the Samsung S7 offers great features like water-resistance and a built-in image stabilizer.


LG V20

The LG V20’s various features, like its built-in image stabilization, make it a good alternative to a professional DSLR camera and many users have found its video quality surprisingly impressive. The manual settings, if you have the time and know-how, offer a number of customization options that can stylize your photos.


Each of these smartphones are top-notch and you really can’t go wrong with any of these options. No matter which model you choose, protect your future photo ops with an equally top-notch smartphone case.


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