Smartphone Spring Cleaning 101: Hacks to De-clutter Your Phone

By Eric Kim on

Spring cleaning is usually something we do to our homes to get rid of extra junk no longer serving us, like old furniture or ugly Christmas sweaters from last season. The same concept can also be applied to your smartphone, resulting in a faster, more streamlined experience. Follow this guide and give your phone a quick tune-up with tips from the tech experts here at Caseology.


Customize your home screen

Instead of swiping and searching for apps, enjoy a more user-friendly phone with a minimalist set up customized to your lifestyle and preferences. A good place to start is by clearing your home screen of apps that you don't use frequently and arranging your display with only your most essential ones. Aim for 8 to 10 apps on the home screen and enjoy the simplicity.


Download a Smart Launcher

Clearing out your home screen is the first step to de-cluttering your phone but a launcher takes the concept of a minimalist home screen to the next level. Instead of customizing your home screen yourself, the launcher uses an algorithm specially designed to track your app usage, which it uses to automatically arrange key apps in a folder on your home screen. The result is a cleaner, faster phone without having to make any decisions—a must-have if you're feeling lazy.

A popular launcher for Android is the Action Launcher 3, which is similar to the interface of the Google Now Launcher, but offers more customization for a personalized workflow. For the iPhone, the Smart Launcher Pro 3 APK offers exclusive features, including up to nine screens to place your widgets (but remember that the goal here is to slim down!).


Delete Unused Apps and Files

One of the main reasons why people spend excessive time on their cell phone is because it's cluttered with apps and files they no longer use. Spend more time putting your phone to good use and getting things done by cutting those extra minutes spent sifting through pages and pages of apps. If the app doesn't do anything to improve your life, it's probably time to delete it. 


Disable Push Notifications

Not only is that buzzing sound annoying, but it's usually for something trivial such as your high school friend’s ex-girlfriend’s brother’s work anniversary announcement from LinkedIn. This is a simple but effective method for preventing social media from cluttering your notifications and disrupting your focus.

 In today's fast-paced world, life and the demands of adulthood can get pretty hectic. But despite the everyday chaos, a clean space leads to a calm mind, especially when it comes to the smartphone, one of your most essential tools for surviving in the modern world.


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