7 Awesome Things You Probably Didn’t Know Your Android Could Do

By Eric Kim on

When it comes to advanced technology and ease of use, the Android smartphone offers just as many capabilities as its iPhone counterpart. Unlock its full potential with expert tips and hacks to get the most out of your mobile phone experience.


1. Control Your PC Remotely

With Google’s Remote Desktop app, your phone won’t be slowed down by clunky software. Set up takes about 10 minutes and includes downloading the Chrome Remote Desktop app in the Chrome Store. Once you begin the installation process, the app guides you through several prompts. Download the Chrome Remote Desktop app on your smartphone, enter your pin, and have control of our PC from anywhere.


2. Play Vintage Games

Feeling nostalgic? An emulator is a type of app designed to allow you access to Gameboy and Nintendo games like Pokémon and Pac-man. It might not be an N64 controller in your pocket but running these games on an Android is the next best thing.


3. Give Your Smartphone Instant Style

Customized widgets are a handy way to have easy access to your most frequently used apps directly from your home screen. You are limited to the designs provided by the particular app developer, but with Beautiful Widgets, the possibilities are endless. Instead of navigating the same menus over and over again, give yourself shortcuts while adding a personal touch to your Android.


4. Extract and Copy Text From Images

Whatever is displayed on screen, simply extract any text with the help of a useful and user-friendly Android app. With Text Fairy, quickly scan the document or image and the app provides the corresponding text.


5. Customize Navigation Buttons

Use Home2Shortcut to launch apps with new shortcuts. This way, if you use an app frequently, this software allows you to reprogram your home button to start an app when you tap it twice, for example.


6. Carry an External Battery Charger

If you travel frequently, you’ll probably rely heavily on your smartphone, especially for directions. However, keep in mind that Google Maps is a significant drain on your smartphone battery. Keep a fully charged external battery and mobile device on hand and always have enough power to get you through the day.


7. Upgrade Your Launcher

The streamlined interface of the Nova Launcher app is known to perform faster than the bulky software that usually comes with your device. Try out different launchers and see what works best for your Android. With lightening fast smartphone action, make your Android a reliable tool that works as quickly as possible. 


Armed with a slew of new hacks and tricks, you’re only a tap away from taking advanced technology to the next level of convenience and easy access.  In today’s world of tech innovations and software development, upgrade your Android and make life easier with a smartphone that utilizes its full capabilities.



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