5 Best Apps You Need to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

By Jacqueline Kim on

Whether your resolution is to kick a bad habit, get your finances in order, or stay organized, use these clever and easy-to-use apps to make your life easier and more productive.

1. Digit

Putting away money for a travel or an emergency fund can be difficult. Digit is a free app that takes the difficulty of saving money away. Every few days Digit transfers money from your checking account into your Digit savings. The app monitors your income and spending and never transfers more than you can afford. And when that rainy day comes when you need to dip into your account, simply text Digit and they will transfer money back to your checking account the next business day.

2. QuitGuide

Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult resolutions to keep but with this free app, you can finally kick the smoking habit for good. With personalized around the clock coaching, this app is essential for understanding your tobacco addiction. Use QuitGuide to track your mood changes and smoking triggers by day and location, and monitor your progress and smoke free goals. It also helps you stay motivated with inspirational messages when you start having cravings.

3. Cozi

Staying organized in a busy household is always a challenge, especially when you’re juggling the demands of a family and career. Luckily, this free and simple app keeps all your vital information in one place. Create and share shopping lists, keep track of appointments and activities, and store recipes from the convenience of any mobile device or computer. For busy parents on the go, Cozi is a must-have app for keeping it all together.

4. SleepGenius

Created by top neuroscientists and researchers, this useful app is designed to help you reclaim your sleep health, the most important aspect of mental and physical well being. It reminds you to sleep at your target bedtime and gradually awakens you with gentle and soothing sounds that echo nature. The 5-minute Revive Cycle is designed to reduce stress caused by loud alarms and abrupt waking. It also includes calming music in its Relaxation Program and a Power Nap function that helps induce a 30-minute relaxation response with scientifically designed psychoacoustic music. Sweet dreams!

5. MyFitnessPal

One of the most popular diet tracking apps of 2017, this free app allows you to keep track of your meals, monitor your macronutrients, and follow an exercise program that helps manage net calories. Another plus is the food database, which offers inspiration for healthy meals with more than 5 million entries and more being uploaded every day.


If you’re like most people and have a hard time keeping your New Year’s resolutions, software developers have answered the call for advanced tech intervention that keeps our hectic lives organized and well maintained from the convenience of a smartphone. Want to keep your resolutions? There’s an app for that.










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