10 Things You Didn't Know Your Apple Watch Could Do

By Eric Kim on

It’s amazing what the makers at Apple have put into the Apple Watch. The micro device is truly like a miniature computer and chances are, you aren’t aware of all of its capabilities. Here’s our list of the top ten things your Apple Watch can do, that you may not know about.


  1. Voice-Activated Siri

You can wake Siri up by simply saying “Hey Siri” into your watch. Siri can find pictures of just about anything from Bing, look up directions, find the closest taco stand, and much more.


  1. Transition to Your Phone, No Sweat

Enable Handoff to transition from your watch to your phone seamlessly, and transfer calls from your watch to your phone by scrolling down on the digital crown and clicking “Answer on iPhone” to put the caller on hold.


  1. Shortcut Actions with Force Touch

By pushing down hard on the screen you can clear all notifications at once, and send someone your location from the messages screen by pressing “Send location.”


  1. Go to Sleep

You can put the Apple Watch to sleep by covering the face screen with your palm, and then bring it back by removing your hand.


  1. Go Swimming!

While the Apple Watch Series 1 is water-resistant against splashes and spills, the series 2 Apple Watch can be submerged under water up to 50 meters deep! When you’re not under water, protect your Apple Watch with a durable and lightweight case.


  1. Find Your Phone

If you’ve misplaced your phone, swipe up to access the control panel screen on your Apple Watch and press on the phone icon to make your phone ping.


  1. Track Your Health

The Apple Watch can remind you to stand up when you’ve been sitting too long, and can track your heart rate with the iPhone Health app.


  1. Scribble Messages

Whenever (and wherever) you don’t want to speak into your watch to dictate messages and responses, you can draw them right on the screen to convert them into text automatically.


  1. Nudge You in the Right Direction

When navigating someplace new, the Maps app on your Apple Watch will gently buzz your wrist if you’re supposed to turn--short buzzes for a left turn, a steady stream of buzzes for a right turn, and one long buzzzzzzz when you’ve made it.


  1. Control Your Car, Home, and Hotel Room

Lock and unlock the doors of your Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, or Volkswagen; control the lights, Apple TV, and thermostat in your home, and unlock the door of your W, Westin or Sheraton hotel room with the Starwoods Preferred Guest app on your Apple Watch.


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