5 Reasons You Need a Nintendo Switch

By Eric Kim on
The 2017 debut of the Nintendo Switch is shaking up the tech world with its innovative hybrid portable console. Discover its cool features and why it's another must-have gadget for your backpack and home entertainment system. 


1. It’s Versatile

    Easily switch between playing on your TV to playing on the go with the portable console, which features small Joy-Con controllers that can be used in a variety of ways. Keep them attached to the sides for handheld fun or prop up the Nintendo Switch screen and slide off the controllers, which you can use separately or attached to each other. 

    2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    For fans of Zelda, the Nintendo Switch takes this classic game to new heights. Reviews of Breath of the Wild are glowing, reporting that the game wonderfully captures a sense of freedom and adventure. (Some employees here at Caseology have reported losing sleep in favor of playing Breath of the Wild, so consider that a personal recommendation.)


    3. It’s Portable

    With handheld Joy-Con controllers, you can play with your hands wherever you want, and benefit from glasses-free 3D, similar to the Wii of 2012. But the Nintendo Switch takes the gaming system to a whole new level with the slim build of the tablet and its impressive features, including a “capture” button and AR camera.

    4. More Indie Games

    Over 60 titles will be available before the end of 2017, including Lego Worlds, Jackbox Party, and Just Dance 2017. With such a variety of games, everybody can have fun with the Nintendo Switch, another essential device for your gaming collection.

    5. Play Multiplayer Games

    Ramp up the competition with up to eight tablets playing at once, another feature of the Switch that locally connects multiplayers via Wi-Fi.  It also allows you to play the 2-player co-op in tablet mode, which means you can link together a whole party.

    Whether you're at home or on the go, this clever gaming tablet goes with you everywhere and stands out among the competition.


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