Three Easy Color-Themed Ideas for Halloween

By Amanda Kim on
It's that time of year again! Finding a Halloween costume can be stressful and tedious but here are three easy costumes you can throw together for the night.

Halloween Black Theme

Easy and spooky, this skull glam look is perfect for a night out. Do a smokey eye then paint on a skull design on the lower part of your face with white face paint and gel liner. Finish the look with an off-the-shoulder crop top, ripped black denim, some cute ankle boots, and of course a choker.
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Halloween Pink Theme

Who doesn't love Stranger Things or some Eggo waffles? Vintage and fun, the main feature of this Eleven costume is the pink collared dress and blonde wig. If you want to go all out, complete the look with a denim bomber, white tennis shoes and athletic socks - don't forget the nose blood!
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Halloween Green Theme

The Suicide Squad brought a whole new look to the classic Joker. Channel your inner villain with a fun purple trench coat and green hair. Finish the look with DIY tattoos and Dr. Martens. And of course, don't forget to smile.
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